Picture of Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass, bearing down on his mandolin

Welcome to Canada South Bluegrass!

Information on Bluegrass Music in Canada's Deep South, the Essex-Kent County area of Ontario.

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A Bluegrass community South of the Canada/US border, bounded by water on three sides, shaded by the Northern extension of the Carolinian Forest (Tulip, Kentucky Coffee, Hackberry & such) and home of that ubiquitous Southern critter, the possum, though it's hard to find a 5 pounder! 

Bluegrass Music is a melding of Celtic, Gospel, Blues & Jazz, fathered by Bill Monroe in 1939 in the American South East and played around the World!  A predominately vocal form characterized by high lonesome leads and harmonies and supported by stringed instruments in a unique ensemble form (guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, fiddle & sometimes Dobro).  Perhaps the only true remaining Country form - not to be confused with stringband and old time. 

William (Bill) Smith Monroe - September 13, 1911 to September 9, 1996 - born and buried in Rosine, Kentucky